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Les Cracks du Vrac

If you also think it’s absurd to use single-use bags when grocery shopping,
we have the most adorable solution!

Here, we like sustainable and adorable things.
We value high-quality, organic products made with respect toward workers.
Around here, we dream of a beautiful world where we take care of nature and all living things.
We believe that each gesture counts and that great oaks from little acorns grow. 
Let’s be logical and stop single-use packaging together!
Our PRODUCE BAGS and our SHOPPING BAGS accompany you on your way.


“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” -Howard Zinn


So adorable, full of positive energy, super light and very resistant,

with our 100% organic cotton bulk bags, you will love your sustainable groceries.
They close easily thanks to their convenient double drawstrings,

in cute colours allowing for easy identification of each bag’s size:

a real advantage when looking for them in your shopping cart.
Designed in English and in French for zero waste enthusiasts, these bags are perfect gifts ideas!


Very strong, light, spacious and super cute!
Thanks to the handles, you can carry it in your hand or on your shoulder.
Its flat bottom stabilizes the goods and facilitates storage.
It can sit folded up in your purse or pocket,

to always have with you in case of an on the spot shopping trip.
A handy little extra feature: an interior pocket

to store produce bags or your wallet.
Made of 100% organic cotton, washable up to 40°C.

Produce bags
Shopping bag
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We love to contemplate daybreak
and listen to nature.

We believe in the beauty

of everyday life.

We love simplifying,

lightening, decluttering our lives
and making time for what matters most.


We choose to consume in a

conscious and joyful manner.

We prioritize health, joie de vivre
and we catch all the little

moments of happiness.

We value moments
and living things.


We like slowness and we try to live
a sustainable life,
even if we are not perfect.


We are optimistic, we laugh,

we breathe
and we are amazed

when walking in nature.

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